5 Different Ways To Use Pebbles For Garden Decor





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Pebbles can be used in different ways to enhance garden or landscape. The article will gives different ideas to highlight your garden differently.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho white pebble stones around the plants        Kết quả hình ảnh cho Fountains       Kết quả hình ảnh cho Gravel layer on the outer side of trees      

  1. Garden: To give a good look and feel to your garden or landscape, you can use white pebble stones around the plants. You can also use them around stone statues for an updated look.
  2. Fountains: This is another place where you can use either colourful or single colour pebbles. Create a layer of stone outside the rectangle fountain area and add pebbles in between the outside and inner space.
  3. Gravel: Save the trees from heat in summer season. You don’t need to put more water in the soil as gravel decor can protect trees from sunlight and preserve water inside the soil for long time. Gravel layer on the outer side of trees will give it a nice look with pebble decorations. On the other hand, it will preserve water inside.
  4. Decor: Gravel used with chemical is a new process that will not let water get collected on one side and no water will be left on top as water will directly go inside the soil and keep the upper level dry.
  5. Reflexology pathway: Make your morning walk more worthwhile with pebbles fitted on podiums. This gives you a relaxing feel as you walk on these pebbles.

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