Recruitment For Sale Staff in May, 2020

RECRUITMENT FOR SALE STAFF   GOAL OF JOB: Developing customer network Grow exporting quantity up Creating positive profit   JOB DETAIL: Product Management:Understanding on name, grade, quality and applications of each product. Making a detail list of all Products (write clearly name, qualiy, origin, factory cost, packing type,...

19/05/2020 0

Recruitment For Document Staff in May, 2020

RECRUITMENT FOR DOCUMENT STAFF   GOAL OF JOB: Completing customs clearance sheet Completing shipping document for payment JOB DETAIL: Receiving shipment’s information from salesman including Cargo list, Quantity, Delivery term, Payment term, Price, Packing, etc. Checking detail LC if any. Doing customs clearance: Preparing necessary documents under...

19/05/2020 0
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