Application of Calcium Carbonate Powder in Plastic industry





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When calcium carbonate is used in plastic processing the most important one of inorganic powder additive. In plastics processing, in addition to synthetic resin raw material as a basis, the scientifically correct, the rational use of various additives and auxiliaries are justifiable and that of inorganic mineral powder is one of the most important additives. As you know, the plastic material in inorganic mineral powder may help reduce raw material costs, improve performance and given the important role of the new features in recent years has further found that the use of inorganic mineral powder material to reduce the white pollution, protection environment environmental effect, the implementation of circular economy in today’s stress, building resources and energy-saving and environment-friendly trend of our society, the more prominent inorganic mineral powders in the significance of the application of plastic.

Application of Calcium Carbonate Powder in the Plastic industry:

1. Ceiling/Frame/Plastic door:
Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is used variety in hard PVC plastic and is mostly applied in the production of pipe and ceiling. Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is helping to increase the duration of the product, better the dispersion of chemicals, maximize brightness, and innovate production. Therefore, Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is an indispensable resource.

2. PVC pipe and accessories:

Unpressure Polyolefin pipe and accessories:

Using Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) in Polyolefin pipe will create better hardness, innovate the production, save time and cost, increase benefits in accessories.

Pressure PVC pipe:

This kind of pipe is used Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) lower content to create the pipe that can stand the maximum level of pressure, best smoothly, and impact resistance of the surface.

3. Transmission line
In Polyolefin plastic cable, Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is used to reduce the price and used as the fire-resistant composition (if combined with the right plastic and other additives).

4. Film:
Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is applied variety in the production of thin-film and thick film, increasing chemical property and improving production capacity. Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is helping to save costs, increase the hardness and duration of a product filler.

5. Transpiration film:
Using Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) in the production of transpiration film through pinholes is more advantageous related to the cleaning. Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) provides the special characteristics of the film to allow it to transpire through pinholes.

6. Casting product:
The hardness & duration of the product will be increased to save costs when using Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) in the production of Casting.

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What type of calcium carbonate is essentially effective for the production of plastic


Angel LIM

Dear Sir, Here is Angel from Respack Industrial Sdn Bhd.. We want to source limestone powder to produce plastic compound antiwet.. We use as "moisture absorbant" to compound with our LLDPE resin. We need grade suitable for plastic application Hope can provide us your best offer with include shipping cost..


Brian Sampa

I have a lot of calcium carbonate powder at my home which the government used to use for water treatment,can it be used to make ceiling boards even if it has stayed alot of years?

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