Best Ways To Use Vietnam Pebble Stone For Landscaping Decoration and Construction





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Best Ways To Use Vietnam Pebble Stone For Landscaping Decoration and Construction


Natural pebbles stone are resilient, low-maintenance, and come in many colours and sizes. They are a great way to add visual and textural interest to your garden or outdoor area. By incorporating pebbles into your landscape design, you can make your garden or outdoor space appear stylish and luxurious. You can use pebbles to fill an empty area and give it character, as well as bring a natural feel to the place.

1. Ways to use pebbles for landscaping

  • Ground cover: pebbles offer good even coverage and add a great colour feature to these areas. Pebbles can also be placed over a weed mat for an instant facelift. It’s best to use 20-30mm pebbles with 50-70mm depth of coverage if there will be foot traffic.
  • Drainage: Pebbles are a great way to decorate drains or grates whilst retaining drainage. You can cover grates on a spillover or strip drains in paved areas to add contrast and texture without affecting drainage and water-flow.
  • Tree base: If you have a tree in your yard or garden, you can use pebbles to make the base more visually appealing. Use the pebbles to even out the ground around the tree, surround the tree with bricks or large rocks, and then fill the space up to the tree trunk with pebbles.
  • Aquascaping: Pebbles are a great way to create an underwater landscape, you can use different sizes to create ground cover, hills and boulders. Using different colours can also add interest or define spaces to highlight plants or features.
  • Pot plants: Decorative Pebbles are the perfect finishing touch for pots, jars or troughts. You can use pebbles to cover soil on the surface of pot plants to add texture and colour. As a bonus they also stop inquisitive household pets from digging up soil.
  • Multi-textured walkway or pathway: Pebbles can be used to fill in and define a walkway or pathway and are great for use with stepping stones. Choose a pebble that compliments your steppers for continuity or a colour that contrasts with the walkway or pathway in order to highlight the area. Pebbles can also be mixed with other stones along the path to create more texture and movement.


2. Pebbles in construction

  • Stone Epoxy Flooring: This is a complete system which includes epoxy primer, pebble rock aggregate, or grinned glass or any natural material, special binder and a protective clear coat. It provides a slip and impact resistant surface with exceptional strength and wear characteristics.
  • Paving: Stone pebbles make a perfect paving material. pebbles can be used alone to define a low-traffic path or use them in concert with other materials to create a more durable and attractive paving solution. Depending on the amount of traffic you’re expecting, you can use loose pebbles for paving or set them in mortar. Mortared and sealed pebbles are even suitable for use as a distinctive and unique driveway surface.


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