Calcium Levels and Limestone Particle Size in Animal Feed





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Calcium is one of the essential minerals in poultry nutrition. In addition to its vital functions as the main component of bone structure and participation in acid-base balance and enzymatic system, calcium is the also the main component of the eggshell. It is estimated that each egg contains 2.2g of calcium, present mainly in the eggshell. Calcium supplementation is required in animal feeds, as most consist of grains and its byproducts, which have very low calcium.

Research has shown that dietary calcium levels and limestone particle size distribution are affected on first-cycle layer performance and egg quality.

Effects of calcium levels and limestone particle size on the egg ...

When dietary Ca levels were increased, eggshell quality increased, as demonstrated by the increase in eggshell weight per surface area. However, there were no effects on layer performance.

When limestone particle size is considered, the substitution of fine limestone by 70% coarse limestone may increase the rate of defective eggs.

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