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Scientists shown that  4,000 mg of calcium ingested, the hen will lose about 500 mg as indigestible, which is equivalent to 12.5 percent of total calcium intake. About 400 mg of calcium will be excreted through urine, whereas 100 mg of calcium will be returned to the bones' reserves, 3,000 mg left for the egg. Of these, 2,000 mg will go to the eggshell and the remaining to yolk and albumen formation.

Limited bone reserves

According to Dr. Ioannis Mavromichalis, readily available calcium bone reserves amount to about 1,000 mg, of which the hen can mobilize no more than 100 mg per day. When calcium-deficient diets are fed for a prolonged period of time, and damage might occur if the hen starts mobilizing calcium needed for structural purposes , then lead to locomotion problems in calcium - deficient diets for layers

Coarse calcium sources

Furthermore, Coarse limestone (2-5 mm) with high calcium content and oystershell (2-8 mm) are often used as Calcium Additives for Layer Feed.

Older hens

Eggshell quality often deteriorates as hen age progresses, which is caused first by the increasing size of the egg. Whereas the hen cannot deposit more than 2,000 mg calcium, the availability of feed derived calcium reduces. Increasing dietary calcium is not a reccommended solution as this will cause liver damage. As a result, more work is required to find suitable compounds.

In conclusion

Understanding the daily balance of calcium intake and output in hens is crucial to ensue production, hen longevity, health. Measures to ensure high- calcium levels for egg deposition become more important as hens enter the later phase of their production cycle. Reduced feed and bone calcium availability cannot be prevented, but it can be slowed down.


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