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1. Hydrated lime Ca(OH)2 also known as slaked lime (chemical name is calcium hydroxide) is the product formed when quicklime CaO reacts with water, popularly known as this product. “Hydrated Lime”.

Hydrated lime is an industrial additive used as a raw material for the production of Construction chemicals, water and wastewater treatment, PH adjustment, soil stabilization and biological solids; neutralize acids in tanning; Gas acid absorption, desulfurization, waste gas treatment, application in Construction and Agriculture.

2. Hydrated Lime Ingredients

Hydrated lime has the main chemical composition of Ca(OH)2 with the proportion accounting for more than 90%, in addition, there are some other components such as CaCO3 Stone Powder; Iron Oxide, Aluminum Oxide…

Hydrated lime has a characteristic milky white color that is easy to distinguish with the eyes.

3. The roles of hydrated lime in daily life:

As an important product in daily life, in the past, hydrated lime was used a lot in construction, but today, the role of hydrated lime is needed in many areas of life.

 * Raw materials for the production of construction chemicals:

Hydrated lime has the effect of neutralizing excess acid.

– In the refining industry to produce additives for crude oil

– In the chemical industry to produce calcium stearate (C17H35COO)2Ca

– In the food industry for water treatment (for the production of beverages such as wine and non-alcoholic beverages)

 * Hydrated lime as a stuffing agent:

– Used in petrochemical industry to produce solid oil in different standard levels.

– In brake production

– Production of dry mixes in painting and decorating

- Ingredients in some pesticides

- Ingredients in some pastes have antimicrobial effects to treat Cavities

* Application in agriculture

- Being a strong base product, hydrated lime is used to improve acidic soils, alkaline soils, highly acidic soils (PH < 7) or in aquaculture ponds where the water concentration is low. high acidity.

* Mining Solutions

- Hydrated lime is using as a chemical reagent in mining industry.

* Environment treatment

Due to its high antiseptic properties, hydrated lime is often used in polluted environments. As treatment of contaminated water, contaminated soil. In addition, at landfills should also regularly sprinkle hydrated lime. To ensure that the surrounding environment is safe and hygienic.

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