Landscaping home with decorative pebbles





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Landscaping home with decorative pebbles

Pebbles are a popular feature of a garden. It helps break up expanses of turf and adds texture and colour to the area. They add beauty to walkways, flower beds, walls and water features. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, they can be used to prevent soil erosion, reduce dust and deflect sunlight. Stones are porous and absorb water, helping to conduct moisture into the substrate. Incorporating elements from nature into your garden gives a natural look and creates a unique ambience that showcases your property.

Decorative pebbles are machine-tumbled to create a rounded, smooth surface. They are used in landscaping and are often selected for their colour and beauty.

Viet Nam Technology Mineral JSC offers a wide selection of decorative pebbles available in an array of colours and sizes. Our pebbles size range between 10MM-80MM, depending on the type you choose. Here are a few ways that decorative pebbles can enhance the look of your garden. 

1. Walkways and Borders

Pebbles make an attractive filler between stepping stones, by contrast in size and shape to the larger stones. For a uniform look, use the same colour for both stepping and pebbles. Alternatively, choosing pebbles of a different colour adds a unique contrast to your walkway.

They can also be used as a filler to keep weeds from growing between stepping stones, retard soil erosion and help moisture drain into the earth.

Stone pebbles can be used as borders around swimming pools, driveways, patios, sidewalks or other features in your garden. We recommend using larger pebbles for these areas, particularly places without foot traffic.

2. Landscaping and Garden Coverage

Pebbles can be used throughout the garden to add interest and texture. They can be added instead of mulch in flower beds and work particularly well with plants that prefer rocky soil. Decorative pebbles keep slopes stable because the weight of the rocks holds soil in place and slows runoff.

Using pebbles intermixed with larger stones adds variety to walls, raised beds and berms. They can also be placed in wet areas to prevent soil loss and keep the ground from becoming soggy. This landscaping material can break up large expanses of turf or concrete and gives a distinctive outdoor paving look to a garden.

3. Ponds and Fountains

Pebbles are a beautiful addition to water gardens. When submerged, they shimmer from the diffraction of light through water. Mixing sizes gives a more natural look to the pond.

In addition to being attractive, they help keep the water clean and hold down pond liners. They make water features look natural and provide a habitat for fish and other water dwellers.

Calculating the amount of pebbles you need

It is important to accurately calculate the amount of pebbles you need for your project.

  • For walkways – add the width, length and depth of the walk.
  • For other areas – estimate 70 to 80 kg per square metre. Slopes and irregular areas affect calculations.

Keep in mind when calculating that the sizes and shapes of the stones may also affect quantities.

If you’re not confident with your estimate, it’s best to consult with a landscaping professional to get more accurate quantities. Afterwards, you can order materials yourself using the professional’s estimates.

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