Limestone - An Important Additive In Feed Industry





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Common feeds usually contain essential minerals but often in insufficient amounts or in suboptimal ratios. Beside basic feeds, animals require dietary mineral supplements in order to maintain good health and production, especially if kept in confinement permanently. Adequate mineral uptake together with food and water intake represents one of the basic requirements for successful animal production. Animal feeding practice uses numerous mineral supplements to provide calcium. Limestone (calcium carbonate) is the most widely used out of them all.


Especially, limestone is the most common source of calcium used in livestock feeding. The shell of each egg that are laying is made up of nearly 95% calcium carbonate by dry weight. To produce hard eggs, chickens will be consuming up 20 times the amount of calcium in one year than the amount of calcium that is contained in her actual bones. It is almost pure calcium carbonate. Calcitic limestone contains 36-38% calcium and can safely be fed free choice (ad lib) mixed with salt.


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