Quicklime For Sugar Refining





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Quicklime For Sugar Refining 


Lime is used for sugar refining worldwide, it acts as a clarifying agent for sugarcane juice in the manufacture of white sugar. It can also be added during the sugarcane washing process to treat wastewater effluents.

Quicklime/ Hydrated Lime in Sugar refinery process

Sugar cane is harvested and processed with water to form raw cane juice, which has low pH and contains dissolved impurities. Quicklime/Hydrated lime is added to the juice to raise the pH and to react with the impurities to form insoluble calcium organic compounds that can be removed. Hydrated lime is essential to the production of sugar from both sugar canes and sugar beets.

The use of lime in the production of sugar from sugar beets is similar, except that much more lime is required than for cane sugar, approximately one quarter ton for each ton of beet sugar produced. Because of a large quantities of lime required, many beet sugar refiners maintain onsite lime kilns to provide their lime requirements. They also reclaim calcium carbonate from the sugar making process for reuse.

It is also used to purify sugar from other sources, such as maple or sorghum, although these are produced in much smaller quantities. Excess lime is removed by carbonation or by the addition of phosphoric acid. This process may be repeated several times depending on the purity of final product required. Between 5 and 10 pounds of lime is required for each ton of cane sugar produced.

Quicklime/ Hydrated Lime from Vietnam

For many years now, SHC Group has been selecting from its quarries the best-adapted high-calcium limestone for delivery to large-scale and smaller sugar producers. We also assists customers in the starting and closing periods of a sugar campaign, by directly providing them with the quicklime or milk of lime that they may need.


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