Studying application of Calcium Carbonate in real life





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  • In PVC compound: Calcium carbonate comes in different grades, it is a non-reactive ingredient but some grades aid in improving melt flow. Various grades of Calcium Carbonate are combined with other materials and thus characteristics of finished products can be optimised.

  • In Animal Food: Calcium carbonate, Calcium oxide and Calcium hydroxide products are used as raw material, water treatment additive and processing aid in various food grade applications. Different calcium compounds are used in manufacturing a variety of foods and food ingredients.

  • In Paint and Painting Ink: Approximately 20 percent of the pigments utilised in the pain industry is made with Calcium carbonate. Because of its low cost and controlled colour it is used for extending the polymers or resin. Moreover, in the flat paints, Calcium carbonate helps in controlling the sheen or gloss.

  • In Paper Industry: Calcium Carbonate is widely used in the paper industry which is a leading consumer of mineral pigments. This chemical compound is used in fine ground from of 8 to 15 microns in paper coating applications for making a brighter and whiter sheet. Calcium carbonate improves the whiteness of sheet for paper filling applications and replaces expensive pigments and fibre, thereby, reducing the cost. Non-acidic paper can be produced using the chemical properties of calcium carbonate.

  • In Master Batch: In the plastic industry Master Batch is used as a colourant and high grade micronised calcium carbonate is used in master batch. Calcium carbonate powder manufacturers supply micronised calcium carbonate in the perfect grade and form to be used in master batch industry as per the requirements.

  • In PVC Pipe: PVC, the most widely used versatile polymer is used for a huge range of pipe applications, be it a large sewer piping or residential waste vent piping or it can be smaller water piping. The large variety of PVC piping applications can have enhanced performance properties with Calcium carbonates. The surface-treated carbonates offer good dispersion and ensure excellent integration in the polymer matrix. This improves impact resistance and base properties of polyvinyl chloride and adds stiffness to polymer matrix.

  • In Cosmetics: Calcium carbonate powder is a common element in cosmetics. In talcum powder, this chemical compound is used for increasing fluffiness and controlling absorption properties. Calcium carbonate is used in depilatory creams, in sunscreen preparations and in face powders as a perfume carrier.

  • In Rubber Industries: Calcium carbonate powder uses is also found in producing natural and synthetic rubbers. It enhances their resistance to traction and torsion and maintains flexibility. Calcium carbonate powder improves the electric and mechanic characteristics and diminishes material fatigue and rubber aging.