Three Key Groups of Nutrients in Animal Feed





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The selection of nutrients for animal feed have essential impact on the growth and health of animals. Animal Feed ingredients are classified into 3 key groups which are cereal grains, protein sources, minerals and other additional materials.

Group 1: Cereal Grains

According to Poultry Hub Organiation, the main types of grains used for animal feed additives are corn in USA and Asian countries, whereas most European countries, Canada and Russia use wheat instead. Furthermore, some other countries may use other alternatives like sorghum in place of corn or wheat.


Group 2: Protein Sources

Protein plays a vital role in the development of animals and body repair. Protein sources may be from vegetables or animals. The main vegetables protein sources for animal feed are soybean, canola, sunflower, sesame seeds or peanuts. Each areas has their own protein selection depending on the price and availability of these sources.

In addition, animal protein sources are from fish, meat & bone meal or feather, which is highly rich in amino acids - one important nutrient for animal.


Group 3: Mineral and vitamin sources

Minerals are vital for animal's bone formation, and egg production in poultry. Calcium and phosphorus are often required in large quantity. Calcium can be sourced from oyster/seashell or high-calcium limestone while bone meal can provide phosphorus.


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