Calcite / Calcium Carbonate Use In Flue Gas Treatment

Calcite / Calcium Carbonate Use In Flue Gas Treatment  Ground calcium carbonate is a mildly alkaline product and is used in a variety of environmental applications.  It is the most common reagent used in flue-gas desulfurization applications, removing harmful SO2 emissions from...

05/10/2023 0

Lime for Road construction and Landscaping Projects

LIME FOR ROAD CONSTRUCTION AND LANDSCAPING PROJECTS Lime, a versatile and cost-effective material, has been used for centuries in various construction applications. One of its key uses is in road pavement and soil stabilization. It's improving the strength, durability, and performance of...

02/10/2023 0

Hydrated Lime powder for Soil Stabilization in Agriculture

Hydrated lime is a valuable tool for soil stabilization in agriculture. Its ability to increase soil pH, enhance soil structure, improve water retention, and provide natural weed control and disease suppression make it a versatile and beneficial agricultural amendment.

25/09/2023 0

Hydrated Lime Application for Mining Gold

Hydrated lime is a versatile chemical that can be used in various industries, including mining. When it comes to gold mining, hydrated lime has several benefits. Viet Nam Technology Mineral JSC proud to be the leading manufacturer and exporter of Hydrated...

14/09/2023 0
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