What are Basic Ingredients of Paint?





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As what we can know, there are two main types of paint: water-based and solvent-based. Each different type of paints is made from various ingredients, however most type of paints are all a mixture of Solvent, Binders, Pigment and fillers.

1. Solvents

The common solvents usually used in paints are water and mineral spirits. It is indicated that water is normally used in acrylic paint, whereas mineral spirits are mostly used for oil-based paint. The selection of solvents depends of the quality standard of different manufacturers.


2. Binders

Binders play important roles in paint prodcution, According to Aboutcivil.org, it will influence the toughness, flexibility and durability of paint. Paint producers ofter use some common types of binders such as drying oil, natural resin or even synthetic resin.

3. Pigments and fillers

Last but not least, Pigment is also an essential component of paint. Nowadays, people often use clays, calcium carbonate or silica as pigments to determine paint's color.Calcium carbonate seems to be the most popular choice because of its reasonable price and suitability in case that calcium carbonate must be pure and white enough as standardized.


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